Who owns national botanic garden?

In the late 18th century, George Washington dreamt of a national botanical garden and was instrumental in establishing one on the National Mall in 1820. The garden is a charitable organization governed by a board of directors. The position of trustee is voluntary and, together, its role is to support the Director in implementing the Garden's vision and strategy. United States Botanical Garden Conservatory, 100 Maryland Avenue, SW, Washington, DC 20001 (20 225-8333).

The sculptures, buildings and plantations of the National Botanical Garden are the work of Peter and Beata Knop. Through historical documents and colorful photographs, A Botanical Garden for the Nation tells an important story about this special place. In 1842, the idea of a national botanical garden was re-established when the United States Exploratory Expedition to the South Seas (the Wilkes Expedition) brought a collection of living plants from around the world to the Botanic Garden in Washington, D., and is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the Garden and for any construction, changes or improvement made. What they've built on the outskirts of the Washington, DC metropolitan area, should be the United States National Garden, Knop says.

Washington's letter in which he wrote in support of a botanical garden in the new federal city is in the archives of the Library of Congress. Glenn Eck, associate land director at Temple University in Philadelphia, has worked and visited renowned gardens around the world. The backbone of a dragon made of rock crosses the earth just inside the doors of the National Botanical Garden. The United States Botanical Garden is the oldest continuously operating public garden in the United States.

First Conservatory in the Botanical Garden This photograph from 1858 shows the Conservatory built eight years earlier (in 1850). The Botanical Garden formally came under the jurisdiction of the Library of Congress Joint Committee in 1856 and has been managed by the Capitol Architect since 1934.This book delves into the background, foundation and history of the United States Botanical Garden, from an idea to the creation of more than 150 years of activity.